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2 thoughts on “Functional.

  1. Hiya C.P. This image is great! Is it digital? It conjures thoughts of a computer circuit board combined with a map… to somewhere? I dunno – effective image 🙂 p.s. do you have an about page (couldn’t find an ‘artist’s statement’ 😉

    • peggasus988 says:

      Hey thanks for the feedback, yes the image is digital and I’m glad you like it. I’ve avoided an “About me” page when it comes to this blog, due to my hope that my art communicates all that needs to be said. I enjoy creating artistic imagery – have done for many years (varying mainly from surrealist, minimal & abstract) that speaks to me on a personal level, if it does and I like it I share it, I’ll often never explain what is it I like, the interpretation of the individual is the point. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them but you won’t find an artist statement here, art for me should have nothing to do with my intentions or ideologies for the piece, you should build your own. Be the hammer not the nail, see what you see not what you’re told to see. Thanks again for your comment.

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